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        The company pay much attention to the build of enterprise culture and adheres to the corporate concept core of "advocating technologies, active innovations, high quality, best services, and everlasting operation" and based on that, established the corporate cultural system of ITZR Company, these cultures are executed throughout the whole operation process of ITZR company and play an active role in creating comfortable work environment and increasing cohesion.

        Good Faith

        Good faith can be understood as behavior principle of a person and also is the trump for a successful enterprise's long-time operation in the world. in the macro social environment lacking of good faith, ITZR company's operation concept of good faith plays an important role in the company.


        ITZR company stresses the role of communication in the operation, as good communication enables ITZR team to be young and energetic.


        ITZR company requires that its employees have cooperative working spirits and the cohesion and working efficiency of the enterprise is greatly enhanced.


        Techniques is the life source of ITZR main boards and VGA cards.


        ITZR company by applying advanced equipment and technologies and scientific management methods, strictly controls the product quality and guarantees that products are popular in the market.


        What makes customers to select ITZR main boards and VGA cards? ITZR thinks that one of the major reasons is product quality and good service.